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"all that is good is nasty"


Right Stick: move right leg.

Left Stick: move left leg.

Any Bumper/Trigger: STOMP

See how long you can keep the groove alive by stomping out dirty, smelly, bootleg records.

Stomp these dudes👆 before they reach the DJs. Let the colorful records pass through to keep your integrity meter full!

🔊🔊 Stomp on the one with the official Bootleg Swamp Stomp Playlist.

pssst! one last thing: if you're really feelin the groove and want a lil extra wonk, hold down the W-O-N-K keys & release

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Tagsbadonk, bootleg, drugs, grooves, groovy, records, stomp, swamp, Walking simulator, wonk


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Looks really good, I've downloaded, but no sound for some reason, any idea why?

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thanks for checking it!!! we're actively working on an update with original music, sound, and a couple visual tweaks. Stay tuned!!

Just checked out today, and still no sound. Is that still in the works? 

wow . . . 2 years ago huh . . . guess we really haven't gotten around to finishing the sound for this, LOL! i swear on my unity installation this game will have audio eventually, just not right now. in the meantime i've updated the broken spotify embed - its got a lotta hot tunes we jammed while makin this. check that out !

ok thanks! I was only wondering since I recently saw this game on the front page, so I figured it was recently messed with. I love the style of it, by the way! I can tell it's meant to probably have some dynamic sounds and music going on, as the score increases and such. In the meantime I just played my own tunes. 

thanks for checkin it out!!